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Find an experience that is right for you. If you are interested in learning more and trying our daily breathwork practice, you can request a free discovery call.

Benefits of Inspiratus Breathwork

  • - Forge purpose
  • - Build resilience
  • - Reclaim attention
  • - Release stress and trauma
  • - Explore deeper parts of your psyche
  • - Activate your body’s innate healing intelligence
  • - Experience your body's natural ecstasy
  • - Improve self love and confidence
  • - Strengthen your immune system
  • - Experience flow states
  • - Heighten your creativity

One-on-one work

Either in one-off sessions or over a six-session package, I will assist you in activating your life’s mission through breathwork. Friedrich Nietzche said, “He who has a why can bear almost any how.” Based on Viktor Frankl’s work about Logotherapy, discovering purpose is a huge game changer for beating anxiety and depression (Sun et al., 2021), overcoming addiction (Liu et al., 2021) trauma (Bonnano, 2004), and creating resilience in your life (Bonnano, 2004). If you are struggling with finding purpose in life, the non-ordinary state of consciousness that breathwork produces can help you let go of who you have been conditioned to be so you can forge your purpose. There is only one of you and I want to help you discover your most authentic, empowered self.

If you already have purpose, breathwork is a powerful tool to strengthen your purpose.The ecstatic flow state of the breathwork journey is the perfect place for imagination and creativity. If distractions and a lack of attention are plaguing your ability to create your life, breathwork boosts focus and productivity substantially. The breath is the doorway to the life you were always meant to be living. I will show you how to open that sacred door. One-on-one work can happen in person or online


One-Off Session

A one off session is a perfect way to be introduced to breathwork. Within a one off session you will learn daily breathwork practices to empower your day, encounter the Inspiratus Breathwork philosophy, be guided through journal prompts to begin to forge your purpose, and experience an hour long Inspiratus Breathwork journey to envision and experience your purpose.

Six Session Package

A 6 session package is if you are sure you want to dive deeper into your awakening. Meetings will take place every other week. We will explore different themes pertaining to the Inspiratus Breathwork philosophy,and experience multiple breathwork journeys tailored to your individual needs. This includes one free workshop and integration support via texting throughout the week.

shane cole one on one breathwork faciliation photo
group breathwork session photo

Group Workshops

Inspiratus Breathwork hosts a variety of in-person and online holotropic breathwork events. These group workshops are a perfect introduction to the Inspiratus Breathwork philosophy and an excellent way to experience breathwork for the first time. The Inspiratus Breathwork Group workshops utilize the three pillars of breath, sound, and community to assist people in awakening to their purpose.

Group workshops vary is size. We lead in intimate spaces, yoga studios, music festivals, and for businesses. If you are interested in attending our events, please explore our events page linked below.

If you are interested in having Inspiratus Breathwork lead breathwork for your music festival, business, or for your intimate group. We will cater to your group's individual and provide a mind-blowing experience for your attendees/employees. If you are interested in this, please contact us through our contact page.


Custom Camping Retreats

Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, nature has always been a place for me to get clear on who I am and why I am on planet Earth. Without all the distractions of our modern world, nature helps us remember who we truly are. Combining my experience as a camping guide with Inspiratus Breathwork, I lead custom camping breathwork retreats into the wilderness.

Removing ourselves as far from the matrix as possible allows us to go so much deeper into the mind. Along with breathwork journeys, we will enjoy the stars, the silence, and views, and the epic, distraction-free company of the group for the weekend. I will plan the trip based on your desires, supply necessary gear, cook tasty camp meals, and teach you wilderness skills alongside the breathwork facilitation.

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Joe Hou


"Yet another eye opening experience. I have been long time friends with Shane, so I was really excited to work with him once he had finished his official training. I reached out to him and he happily agreed to help me find intentions for the next part of my journey. We focused on transforming limiting beliefs, both in our talk before and during the breathing session. Shane was incredible for both parts. I was able to be open with him as he asked professional questions during our chat, and that trust led to a more ‘comfortable/safe space’ breathing session. 2 days after our session I hopped on a plane to Southeast Asia, where I found the teachings/lessons popping into my head at nearly every turn. It was almost as if Shane was a guiding angel on my trip. Could not recommend working with Shane enough. Hopefully I can bring the same value to him that he so kindly gifted to me."

Logan Falkel


“The mechanics of Shane’s breathwork sessions are drawn in a way that lets you take whatever journey you may need. Their guidance is gentle, it is intuitive, and it is aware. A session led by Shane is not Shane’s session, it is yours and it is the group’s. I think it’s what makes their work so beautiful — you are given an infinite space to be an individual, a member, and a student of yourself. There’s no pressure, just breath. Their guidance is not a box or a container, I’ve always felt it is more of a hand reaching out to steady me selflessly and honestly, and I’m truly appreciative of that because it has helped me process the first year of college and being away from home, and then began to knead into the stress of trauma I didn’t even know I was carrying. It is rare to find someone so full of life, and even rarer to find someone so willing to share it. The space Shane creates is beautiful, and I recommend it to anyone willing to embrace it.”

Jon Thibideau


“Shane’s breathwork sessions have seriously been some of the best experiences I’ve had. He cultivates a comforting, judgement-free atmosphere that allows participants to go deep within themselves and come out on the other side with an amazing sense of bliss and clarity. He’s great at both demonstrating the technique as well as explaining the science behind breathwork and what to expect from each session, which I absolutely loved. Every session with Shane has been incredible, and I’ve found them to be insanely helpful for anything from decluttering the mind and unwinding from a stressful work week to healing from deep emotional trauma. The energy at the sessions is contagiously positive, and I’ve always left feeling overwhelmingly grateful that I came”



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