Pioneering Purpose- Driven Breathwork

What sets us apart

Charting the Course of Change with Breathwork

In my time at USC, my dedication to developing a premier breathwork experience has been unwavering. Working alongside Varun Soni, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, I have pursued rigorous independent research and completed my Psychology courses to inform my practice.

My philosophy in breathwork facilitation is informed by a high-quality education, discarding outdated psychological models in favor of a modern, evidence-based approach. While most breathwork facilitators utilize a traditional Freudian psychoanalytic methods to breathwork, which have lost footing in contemporary research, my practice is anchored in the principles of Logotherapy, modern trauma-resilience findings, and Positive Psychology. This holistic and scientifically grounded approach in my breathwork practice not only aligns with modern psychological understanding but also offers a transformative healing experience. By integrating Logotherapy, trauma-resilience research, and Positive Psychology, I aim to provide a breathwork experience that is not just therapeutic but also deeply aligned with the latest scientific insights and personal growth strategies. This method sets Inspiratus Breathwork apart, offering a unique, effective path to awaken to your purpose.

Our Impact

Igniting Your Why: Forging Purpose Through Breathwork

Our first healing goal is to create a space for participants to forge their purpose. Friedrich Nietzche said, “He who has a why can bear almost any how.” Based on Viktor Frankl’s work about Logotherapy, discovering purpose is a huge game changer for beating anxiety and depression (Sun et al., 2021), overcoming addiction (Liu et al., 2021) trauma (Bonnano, 2004), and creating resilience in your life (Bonanno, 2004). Not only is the importance of purpose scientifically understood, but it is also a critical aspect of spiritual traditions throughout the ages. The word dharma is used by both the Hindus and Buddhists to describe “the right way of living”. Finding the right way of living may look different for each of us, but it is essential to our spiritual realization. We utilize breathwork as a powerful catalyst to ignite your purpose. Within the non-ordinary state of consciousness that breathwork produces, we connect to our intuition in a very deep way. This allows our purpose to arise and creative ideas to pursue that purpose to become very clear.

Foster Your Emotional Resilience: Breath as an Anchor

Inspiratus Breathwork is grounded in modern trauma-resilience research pioneered by George Bananno, head of the Emotion, Trauma, and Loss Lab at Columbia University. In the 21st century, trauma has widely overused and misunderstood. Many mental health professionals see humans as weak beings who are scared by the smallest anxieties and stressors. At Inspiratus Breathwork, we understand that humans are incredibly resilient to potentially traumatic events and we know through the research what leads to individuals being resilient in the face of adversity. Using our breathwork workshops, we teach the qualities of what makes people resilient and empower our client's nervous systems to grow, strengthen, and evolve. For people who have experienced trauma and have chronic, lasting symptoms, our breathwork can be a powerful tool to release that trauma from your nervous system.


Reclaim Your Attention: Enhancing Focus through Breathwork

Our attention is our most precious gift. Our attention is what allows us to live in the moment, cultivate meaningful relationships, achieve our goals and manifest ours dreams.There is a war for our attention. Industries including social media, television, pornography and many more have generated trillions of dollars by mining your attention, by stealing your attention. They know that commoditizing your consciousness is the most profitable game there is. Why are they doing this? So empty consumerism can continue at the peril of our minds, our dreams, and our planet. By reclaiming your breath, you reclaim can reclaim you attention. For days after an Inspiratus Breathwork journey, life becomes empowered with attention, mindfulness, and energy so you can chase your purpose with ferocity.


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