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Expanding Impact: My Breathwork Facilitation Growth

Since earning my certification in January 2023, I have actively expanded my breathwork facilitation reach. I've led sessions at renowned music festivals such as Same Same But Different and Yoon Fest, co-facilitated with my mentors at sold-out Los Angeles events for 150+ attendees, and conducted regular breathwork workshops at USC and Peace Yoga Gallery in DTLA. I have tirelessly dedicated my last few years to spreading this medicine and I have no sign of slowing down.


Intensive Training: My Journey to Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator

I was certified by Lukis Mac and Hellé Weston, two world-class breathwork facilitators and founders of Owaken Breathwork. Owaken was founded in 2017 and they have been hosting sold-out events all over the world. They began their first-ever facilitator training program in April 2023 and I was one of the select few who were accepted into their program. The 9-month program was some of the most intense training of my life.

The 9 month-long curriculum consisted of video modules every week, with topics including the physiology of breathwork, creating safe space, somatic intelligence, transforming limiting beliefs, shadow work, integration, group facilitation, and more. Every other week, I had a breathwork journey where I experienced and embodied what I had been learning. The program contained 108 hours of learning from the modules and the live calls, excluding my homework.

Concurrent to my Owaken training, I attended a WIm Hof Retreat where I got to breathe and take ice baths with the man himself. While I learned so much from Owaken and Wim, my psychology degree at USC informed me of new directions I could take breathwork. Combining my degree with my certification, I created Inspiratus Breathwork.

Scientific Exploration: My Research Role at USC's Brain and Creativity Institute

I was a research assistant for Dr. Rael Cahn at USC’s Center for Mindfulness Science. Dr. Cahn’s lab is working on the Modern Spirit Project with Dr. Joe Tafur. The Modern Spirit Project is partnered with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Study. Dr. Cahn and his team are collecting saliva samples from MAPS MDMA-assisted therapy patients to see if psychedelic-assisted therapy causes epigenetic changes in DNA. Also, I helped collect and clean data collected from brain scans of expert meditators. Participation in this research lab deepened my understanding of the science of meditation, psychedelics, and altered states of consciousness.

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Breathwork helped me find my purpose, and now I help other people find there's. Work with me to awaken your purpose.

What am I up to when I am not leading breathwork?

Outside of work, you can find me backcountry skiing in the High Sierra, enjoying the outdoors with my girlfriend Anna and head banging at music festivals. In my last year of college, I am the president of the USC Ski and Snowboard Team. I love enjoying the mountains with my homies, organizing camping adventures, and meeting new, beautiful friends at festivals. I have a deep love and relationship with Planet Earth and I hope through spreading healing practices to my fellow human beings that we can revive our ancient connection to community and our beautiful Spaceship Earth.

You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms - Terence McKenna.